Why BMW Parts are the Best for Your Luxury Car

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Tailored clothes always fit and feel better than generic options from a department store; and a pair of handcrafted shoes fit the shape and function of your foot unlike anything

You can treat your BWM to those same luxuries–with quality, genuine BMW auto parts for sale at our Kansas City full-service dealership. We make it easy to find all of the parts and accessories that you're looking for, at competitive prices, while knowing that you're buying the absolute best for your BMW 3 Series, 5 Series, M performance car, X Series, or BMW 7 Series.

BMW Parts vs Aftermarket Auto

What separates genuine BMW parts from the aftermarket parts you might find at a big-box parts store? Those generic, aftermarket parts are simply copies of originals that offer a rough fit to a larger variety of vehicles. They are not specific to one model or year.

The genuine products that you can purchase at our BMW parts store have been designed using the very blueprints, instructions, and materials that went into making the components that originally went under the skin. This means that OEM BMW parts you buy here are just as good as new.

BMW of Kansas City South is a Certified Dinan Parts Dealer

Dinan is a brand of performance gear, making aftermarket parts for luxury vehicles. However, unlike other generic aftermarket brands, Dinan only engineers and produces parts specifically for just BMW cars. For more than 35 years.

That means that the only people who know more about BMW parts are the BMW experts themselves–and it's why Dinan is the only aftermarket brand that is approved to sell their products directly through BMW stores.

Explore Dinan Performance Parts online at BMW Kansas City South.


Not sure what you're looking for, or what your BMW sedan, coupe, or SAV needs to perform its best? Give us a call or stop by to chat with our parts experts.


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