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Video: Truck driver ignores roll-over warning sign – and rolls over

So that’s what those signs mean! A tanker truck captured on dashcam footage in Queensland learns about rotational inertia the hard way.

Dashcam footage published by Dash Cam Owners Australia on YouTube has shown a tanker truck pass a roll-over warning sign moments before rolling off the road, crashing through a fence and into a lake.

The incident occurred along Swanbank Road in Swankbank, Queensland, where the corner next to the Swanbank Powerstation is marked with a 40km/h advisory speed sign – and a truck roll-over warning.

According to the dashcam footage, the truck is travelling in excess of 60km/h before it tilts to the left as it rounds the bend, clips the concrete wall of a small bridge, and eventually topples over the barrier before coming to a stop.

Another truck is shown to stop to assist the driver.

No injuries were reported, but the truck will need a substantial recovery to see it back on the road.

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