Took i7 delivery today! It’s Amazing.


It’s amazing. Good Pictures to follow soon.

Black sapphire metallic and black inside.

The ride is amazing. Power is amazing. Quietness is amazing. Comfort is superb. Tech is out-of-this-world amazing.

The menus are a bit overwhelming – but I will learn them soon enough.

Digital key plus is awesome. Voice assistant is finally worth using vs. using it in the older, recent bmw models.

Theater screen set up with Att was easy. The rear exec loung is comfy and unique.

The sound system plus the 4d seat bass boosters are too cool.

Auto opening and closing doors only took 10 minutes to get used to and now they’re awesome.

I don’t like the extra huge size of the bmw roundel on the trunk – it’s obnoxiously big imho.

More later as well as pics.

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