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STUD Or DUD? Geely Galaxy Smart Electric Prototype Car. How Many Cars Do YOU See Copied In It?

Geely Auto Group has launched its new Geely Galaxy high-end electrified product series at a flagship event in Hangzhou. The series combines Geely Auto’s global car development capabilities to offer intelligent and electrified vehicles with high efficiency and long range. The product range includes plug-in hybrids and pure electric vehicles, with a dedicated smart electrified architecture and E-CMA for the long range hybrid product range. The Geely Galaxy range features a futuristic new design language specifically created for the smart electrified model range.

The Geely Galaxy Smart Electric Prototype Car, also known as “Galaxy Light,” incorporates Geely Ripple aesthetics that have evolved to suit the new era. The design is rooted in Chinese civilization, integrating Chinese aesthetics and technological wisdom, and breaking away from the stereotyped homogeneous design of electric vehicles. The result is new energy vehicles with Chinese flavor that explore various possibilities for users in the new era.

How many cars did they copy this design from? Discuss

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