Start The Year Off Right By Organizing Your Trunk! | Flemington, NJ

Staying organized is a task that not all of us are good at; I am one of those people. But this year, I am dedicated to getting organized and staying that way. But where to start? YOUR VEHICLE! Your vehicle is a great place to start and this week we are telling you WHY it is so important to stay organized when it comes to your vehicle. So, when you’re ready – come see us to upgrade your ride and let’s start fresh!

Flemington BMW’s Vehicle Organization Tips:

Increase Your Safety

  • Have you ever come to a quick stop and all of a sudden your belongings that live in the back seat are now in the front? Well, if you have encountered this, know that it is NOT SAFE. When these items come flying, they can either damage your vehicle or hurt you or another passenger. That’s why it’s a smart idea to keep your cabin clean, organized and free of any items that do not call your vehicle home!

Save That Money

  • Having a full, heavy trunk can be costing you more than you think. And it will even negatively affect your vehicle’s fuel mileage. So, what to do? Get rid of all your unnecessary items in your trunk and vehicle to help increase fuel efficiency and keep you away from the pump. You might even find a few lost belongings during your time cleaning!

Bare Necessities

  • Once your trunk is cleaned out (and I mean really clean, get the vacuum and give a good scrub), you should only keep important items in the back of your vehicle. Keep other items like a first aid kit, emergency kit, warm clothing, blankets, and other items alike are perfect – in your vehicle’s trunk. You don’t need 24 shopping bags and old, empty water bottles in the back seat, so get rid of them!

Contain The Mess

  • Using organization tools will not only make your life a lot easier but will also set you up for success when you are desperately looking for something in a time crunch. Items like shower caddies or specifically designed car organizers are great tools to invest in that will help you stay organized.

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