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SMART Campaign Launched By PAAA

The SMART Campaign from PAAA aims to set a quality standard for aftermarket components to ensure safety when modifying your car. 

For as long as enthusiasts have been modifying and tuning cars, there have been concerns rumbling about what is and what isn’t safe and responsible. And while the modifying community is, for the most part, populated by proper enthusiasts with an ingrained sense of doing things right, it’s no secret that our hobby is sometimes viewed with suspicion by certain sectors of society. Coupled with this, concerns over bootleg or substandard parts can make it trickier to buy quality parts with confidence. With this in mind, The Performance Automotive Aftermarket Association (PAAA)’s new SMART initiative is a very welcome development.

This professional body and trade federation, which represents the interests and values of the performance tuning industry, unveiled SMART at the 2023 Autosport International Show; the acronym stands for Safe Modification And Responsible Tuning, and seeks to set a quality standard for aftermarket components and their suppliers that can be easily recognised by consumers, legislators, insurers and law-enforcement alike. Think of it as a marker of quality, guaranteeing that your aftermarket exhaust or steering wheel or what-have-you has been crafted to an appropriate level of safety and quality, ensuring legality and insurability as well as optimal performance.

The desire of the PAAA’s member companies is clear: to support and promote safe and responsible vehicle modification and engine tuning for cars that are used on public roads. As well as ensuring that manufacturers are all operating to the same standards, SMART also emphasises to consumers the importance of carrying out modifications and tuning in a manner that is safe, legal and socially responsible, while taking into consideration the enthusiasm and passion they have for their cars. The SMART identity and message will be clearly visible on products, packaging and communications wherever possible, which will send a clear message about the initiative’s scope and help to reassure car fans about their buying choices.

The SMART campaign launched in the PAAA Member’s Area in the Engineering Section of Autosport International. Karl McCartney, Conservative MP for Lincoln – and ardent car enthusiast – attended the stand to lend his support for the initiative.

Police Modified Ford Focus RS Mk3

YouTuber and social media figure George Chester-Master, of the George’s Car Media channel, also stopped by to lend his support, while the guests lent their expertise and skills to two interview panels, led by TV presenter and car restorer Paul Cowland.

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