Simply SFPU250 Auto Fibre Putty Unfilled 250g – Extra Hard Filler For Medium Damage To Car Body Work, Grey

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Fiber PuttyFiber Putty

Polyester Putty

Polyester Putty

Polyester Filler

Polyester Filler

Bodywork Filler

Bodywork Filler

Bodywork Repair

Bodywork Repair

Applied in layers with a thickness of 2cm

Very easy to shame. Sandable after approx. 30 minutes

Re-sprayable after approx. 60 minutes

Offers high impact resistance. Also resistant to chemicals and the weather

Steel, Aluminium, Wood, Concrete, Plastic Steel, Aluminium, Wood, Concrete, Plastic Plastic Bumpers Steel, Aluminium, Wood, Concrete, Plastic Steel, Aluminium, Wood, Concrete, Plastic

Damage Size
Medium Small Medium Medium Large

Hand Sanding

Mechanical Sanding

Working Time
3-5 Minutes 3-5 Minutes 3-5 Minutes 3-5 Minutes 6-8 Minutes

General Purpose Filler Smooth Finishing Filler Plastic Bumper Specific Filler Extra Hard Filler For Medium Damage Building Structure To Repairs

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ONLY MECHANICALLY SANDABLE – due to its harder composition (no special fillers) compared with Fibre Putty Filled, it can only be mechanically sanded after 30 minutes. This putty has been specially formulated with excellent filling properties and offers high impact resistance.
FAST CURING – our Fibre Putty Unfilled once mixed with the hardener has a pot life (working time) of 3 to 5 minutes. The ideal processing temperature is 15°C to 25°C. The time depends on the ambient temperature.
RE-SPRAYABLE – Fibre Putty Unfilled is re-sprayable with all lacquer systems as most paints can be applied after 60 minutes of curing time. It is then resistant to chemicals and weather influences.
PREVENT CORROSION – our extensive range of putties can effectively help to repair panel and component damage so that your vehicle is no longer exposed to corrosion.