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Porsche road-finding app updated with scenic route generation

The Roads by Porsche app, which helps drivers design customized routes, is getting its first major update since its 2019 launch.

The free iOS app now includes a scenic route generator that uses software to put together a route based on inputs like curves, topography, landscape features, or points of interest. Users can also specify either a circular drive or navigate to a specific destination, and transfer the chosen route to a car’s infotainment system using Apple CarPlay.

Roads by Porsche app 2023 update

Where traditional navigation apps aim to get the driver to a destination in the quickest way possible, this feature is designed to provide maximum enjoyment to individual drivers, according to Porsche. In this case, it really is more about the journey than the destination.

As with previous iterations of Porsche driving apps, Roads by Porsche is open to non-Porsche drivers as well. Drivers can share their customized routes with a community of more than 180,000 users, who can then try them out for themselves. The app also suggests a route of the week and highlights points of interest.

Roads by Porsche app 2023 update

Roads by Porsche app 2023 update

The update also brings a new interface with what Porsche claims is a cleaner design. The app also includes a region-based dashboard so drivers can more easily find routes based on where they are, search filters, and shortcuts to the most popular route profiles.

The updated Roads by Porsche app is available to download now through the Apple AppStore. Android users are still out of luck, however.

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