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Perhaps you’ve dreamed of someday owning a brand-new BMW with its superb performance and stunning good looks. But perhaps the full price of a brand-new model puts a significant obstacle in your path. Allow us to clear away that path for you with one of our nearly-new BMW service loaner vehicles at Park Avenue BMW in Rochelle Park NJ. These are well-maintained BMW models that come with very attractive price tags.

Our BMW loaners have been maintained by us as if we own them (Because we do)

When you want significant savings on a preowned BMW, the most perceptive question you might ask would be: “Has this vehicle had an excellent service history?” In the case of our BMW loaner models at Park Avenue BMW, the answer will be an unequivocal “Yes.” We treat these BMW models like they’re ours because they are. They express our commitment to vehicle quality so we give them regular maintenance at the BMW standard.

How do you tell one of our loaner models from a brand new BMW? It’s not easy

Take one look at any of our BMW service loaners and you will immediately see what we’re talking about. These models are so fresh it’s difficult to see the difference between one of our loaner vehicles and a brand new BMW with virtually no miles on the odometer. We pamper these BMW performance sedans and SUVs with a somewhat obsessive attention to quality, cleanliness and regular mechanical service. These BMWs are family.

Put one of our BMW loaner models through its paces

If you’d love to get the performance and style of a BMW but would also love to get a nice discount as part of the bargain, our BMW loaner models might be just what you’re looking for. Take a look at our nearly-new BMW loaner models and set up a test drive soon at Park Avenue BMW in Rochelle Park, NJ.

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