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Before New Jersey lessees bring back their BMW to our Paramus lease return center, they should know what to expect with their end-of-lease inspection. All New Jersey drivers who lease a BMW are required to have a vehicle inspection prior to their lease return appointment. Understand BMW lease inspection guidelines ahead of your expiring BMW lease deal. Park Avenue BMW makes lease returns easy!

BMW Lease Return Inspection Guidelines

Before their BMW lease deal expires, we encourage New Jersey drivers to contact their originating BMW Lease Center regarding the vehicle inspection process. Some New Jersey lessees may be required to complete an inspection through a third-party inspection company.

Not all BMW vehicles will be in mint condition when it’s time to return the lease. Your local BMW service center in Paramus can handle any necessary BMW repairs if there is excess wear and tear. Avoid any fees by following these excess wear and tear guidelines as you prepare for your lease return appointment in Paramus.


All Good

  • No paint damage for dents 2 inches or less
  • Scuffs or scratches 2 inches or less not penetrating the paint

Requires Repair

  • Broken exterior parts
  • Dents or scratches exceeding 2 inches
  • Collision damage, cracks, tears, or creases on body panels
  • Buckled, bent, gouged, or scratched bumpers
  • Decal removal damage


All Good

  • Minor scuffs to the BMW’s interior, seats, and soft trim

Requires Repair

  • Upholstery or carpet that’s cut, burnt, or torn
  • Unremovable stains or odors

Vehicle Maintenance

All Good

  • Brake fluid service indicator

Requires Repair

  • Past due service indicators for engine oil or brake pads
  • Warning lights for engine and mechanical issues
  • Excessive maintenance neglect leading to vehicle damage

Glass & Lamps

All Good

  • Replacement windshield that meets BMW’s specifications

Requires Repair

  • Chips, cracks, scratches, or stars in windshield glass
  • Damaged or partially repaired windshield
  • Puncture to lamps resulting in water penetration

Tires & Wheels

All Good

  • Same tire specifications as the original tires supplied to your BMW
  • Minor curb rash
  • Painted or chrome wheels that are scratch- and scuff-free

Requires Repair

  • Tire tread depth below 4/32 of an inch
  • Different tires than the original set
  • Tire sidewall repair plugs
  • Recapped and re-treaded tires
  • Wheels, wheel covers, or alloys that are mismatched, bent, or broke
  • Missing spare tire
  • Scuffed and scratched painted/chrome wheels
  • Tire damage that affects safe operation of the BMW — also includes cupping, cuts, gouges, or bulges

Missing Parts & Aftermarket Equipment

All Good

  • All genuine BMW OEM equipment is present at the lease return appointment

Requires Repair

  • Missing equipment — may include keys, tablets, charging cable, cargo covers
  • Aftermarket alterations or structural modifications

Schedule Your Lease Return Appointment in Paramus with Park Avenue BMW

Have more questions about the inspection? Contact a BMW leasing representative at (800) 959-4269 from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Thursday and from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Friday.

New Jersey lessees can schedule their lease return appointment with Park Avenue BMW today. Our Paramus BMW dealership has leasing specialists standing by to discuss future driving plans and your next potential BMW to lease.

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