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News: 2023 Genesis Electrified GV70 AWD

News: 2023 Genesis Electrified GV70 AWD

First Genesis Built in the U.S. Is an EV

Genesis, the luxury division of Hyundai Motor Group, began this past week producing its first model in the United States at the sprawling HMG factory in Montgomery, Alabama. The 3,800 team members, as Hyundai calls them, are building the all-new 2023 Genesis Electrified GV70 that joins electric models of the GV60 EV and the Electrified G80, both of which are assembled in South Korea.

2023 Genesis Electrified GV70
A new American citizen

The 2023 Electrified GV70 will play an important role over the next few years for Genesis. The gasoline-powered GV70 is the best-selling Genesis model, so the addition of an all-electric version of this popular SUV will find a place in many garages as GV70 owners make the transition to electric propulsion.

Both GV70s share a platform that was specifically designed for a gasoline engine and electric motors. Many electric vehicles, such as the GV60, are built on an electric-only skateboard type platform that are flexible to be sized to accommodate different vehicle styles and sizes. Genesis engineers were able to use the same GV70 platform for both power plants without sacrificing interior space for people or cargo.

Genesis showed a pre-production 2023 Electrified GV70 at the 2022 Los Angeles Auto Show. What automotive journalists saw at the Montgomery plant were full production models, including watching them come down the line in different stages during the assembly process.

Power and Powering-Up

2023 Genesis Electrified GV70
Half the power

The 2023 Electrified GV70 only comes with all-wheel drive (AWD) with two 160 kilowatt (kW) electric motor, one front and one rear, running off a 77.4 kWh lithium-ion battery. We had the opportunity for a short test drive, but are not permitted to release any driving impressions. However, if you have driven the Genesis GV60 you have a pretty good idea of what to expect with the GV70. Wink, wink.

Charging on the 800-volt system should enable a 10% to 80% battery charge in 18 minutes on a 350 kW DC Fast Charger.

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Built in America

Genesis cannot stress enough the importance and milestone it is for their brand to now be building a car in America that will be sold in America. Parent company Hyundai has been building cars and SUVs in America for the American market at the Montgomery plant for almost two decades, but Genesis has relied on all its vehicles to be imported from South Korea. Building in America helps the GV70 EV to be eligible for key federal purchase incentives, gives better control over production, reduces transportation challenges and, for team members, creates a sense of pride. The last one is no small thing.

2023 Genesis Electrified GV70
No team members in here

Robert Burns, chief administrative officer and vice president for Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama told us the team members at the plant know these are good jobs that pay well, with Hyundai offering a future for growth. “Each team member, when they are hired, is trained in four different jobs for the line they are assigned, a process that can take up to 90 days to become proficient. They will then rotate to those jobs every two hours during the day allowing them to remain fresh, use different muscles and techniques.” A team member (a complete team can be up to eight people) can rise to be a Team Leader, and then a Group Leader who knows multiple lines.”

These job rotations are choreographed tightly as a car is coming down the line every 52 seconds, utilizing “Just in Time” and “Just in Sequence” manufacturing. Just in Time has parts being delivered from a supplier within an hour of when they need to be on the assembly line, and Just in Sequence has those parts coming off the trucks at the loading dock in the exact order a car will be coming down the line. It is a fascinating process to watch.

Genesis: An All-Electric Future

2023 Genesis Electrified GV70
All the pieces come together

Genesis has made a commitment that after 2025 it will come out with no new internal combustion engine models, then by 2030 will only sell battery-powered cars and SUVs. Tedros Mengiste, vice president, Genesis sales operations, says “Genesis is a young brand, only seven years old, and awareness in the luxury space will take time.” But he continued: “customers are waiting” for the Electrified GV70 as the gasoline GV70 is the best-selling Genesis model.

Yanny Po, manager, product planning, told us in a panel discussion at the Montgomery, Alabama, plant that the Electrified GV70 is being marketed on its design, style and distinct look. The philosophy of quality and expectations need to be met, as Genesis is an unknown entity to much of the car buying public. This extends into the dealerships–there are three stand-alone Genesis dealers in the country with many more coming on-line in 2023–where they engage customers with immersion and education.

Son Him in Korean translates to “Honored Guest,” which is how Genesis considers its current and future customers. This extends to the valet sales and service programs where Genesis will bring the Electrified GV70 to your home or place of business for a test drive or service.

2023 Genesis Electrified GV70
A look inside the future of Genesis

Pricing and Availability

The all-new 2023 Genesis Electrified GV70, arriving in dealers in late March, will be available initially in eight states–Arizona, California, Connecticut, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Utah and Washington.

The Electrified GV70 comes in two trim levels. All base pricing includes the mandatory $1,125 destination fee, and qualifies for the federal $7,500 tax credit and any state rebates.

Advanced: $66,975

Prestige: $73,775

Building the Future

The Hyundai Motor Group (Genesis, Hyundai and Kia) has made a $10 billion investment to build electric vehicles to be sold in North America. This includes producing the batteries for its full electric line-up that begins in 2030.

2023 Genesis Electrified GV70, John Faulkner
Can’t say more–right now

Jarrad Pellat, senior manager, Genesis PR and communications, said, “not initially, but the Electrified GV70 will be the core of the U.S. line-up,” and ‘will be a very important vehicle for Genesis.” Pellat went on to say: “the U.S. market is really important to us, and we are making massive investments in this country. This is a huge milestone, as a brand, that we are now producing an EV version of our most popular model for this country.”

There is a real excitement at Genesis for what is planned and what the company sees as a growing relationship with a luxury car buyer. Pellat said, “A lot of people are getting into EVs for the very first time and are curious, but also hesitant. People are starting to think they want to take that plunge and are intrigued as they begin to understand the benefits of owning an EV.”

When Clean Fleet Report gets seat time in the all-new Electrified GV70 we will report in detail on all aspects of the interior, entertainment system, driver safety systems and the performance. In the meantime, watch at GV70 being made.

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Story by John Faulkner. Photos by John Faulkner and Genesis.

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