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Mobile Photography & Art Flickr/Instagram Showcase – 29 January 2023 – TheAppWhisperer

Thirty years ago Donna Tart’s Ancient History was published, a book that she wrote for a period of eight years. It’s a book I constantly reread, it’s inspired by my love of Greek mythology. Told in Dickensian detail “I just thought I was writing an old-fashioned, very bizarre book that was to no one’s taste except my own. I was writing it for myself and my friends,” Tartt expressed.  It’s a literally thriller, powerfully well-paced and absolutely unputdownable. If you’re looking for an escape, go here.

Mobile Photography & Art Flickr/Instagram Showcase

Thank you to each of the talented artists for submitting your works to our showcase this week.

If you would like your work to be considered for entry into our weekly Mobile Photography and Art Flickr showcase, please submit it to our dedicated group, here.  Alternatively, if you’re an Instagram user just tag your images with #theappwhisperer and we’ll pick you up.

Many congratulations to all of our featured artists this week, including: 

p.a hamel, Oola Cristina, Susan Detroy, Clint Cline,  Tomaso Belloni, Suite116, Judy Wahlberg, Mark Swanson, anandamoy chatterji, Clint Cline, Tomaso Belloni, Christine Mignon, @bruschyography, @algerobie, @suite116, @iphotami, @vastumarco, Judy Wahlberg, @lifespyer, @bonobostonecreations, @profesorela, @silkemetzartivist, Roger Guetta, Susan Detroy, @seelooksky, @p.a hamel, @sunflowerof21_365, @camhaynes22, @Mark Swanson, @maurizio.pichi, @kats_eye_phone , @annkohen, @mcmillanphoto, @travlgirl1, @fichristian, @soniabridekirk, @Oola Cristina, @janisbrandenburg, @gol_den232, @flora_crave, @eslieber, @brightonleegradisar, @christineobrienart, @krimzenphotography, @corinne_beausoleil, @ bruschyography.

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