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Here’s Our First Look At Tesla’s Retro-Futuristic Diner And Drive-In Theater Charging Station

There’s still no telling when you’ll see the real thing

by Stephen Rivers

5 hours ago

 Here’s Our First Look At Tesla’s Retro-Futuristic Diner And Drive-In Theater Charging Station

by Stephen Rivers

During Tesla’s first annual Investor Day, which lasted over four hours, the company shared a few interesting details about its future plans. One of the most intriguing was its vision for a future destination diner and drive-in theater charging site, which were only shown on screen for about ten seconds. The concept may have also hinted at a wireless charging drive-over dock too, although details are scarce at this time.

Tesla made charging away from home a polished experience. In fact, even today, it’s considered by many to be the most advanced network with the best experience available. Now, it’s searching out a way to take that experience from simply good to exceptional with a future diner and drive-in theater to enjoy while visitors charge their cars.

CEO Elon Musk has had this idea since at least 2018 when he first mentioned it. Last year, as uncovered by a member of the Teslamotorsclub forum, Tesla submitted the appropriate paperwork to the City of Los Angeles to bring just such an establishment online on famed Santa Monica Boulevard. Plans back then revealed that it would have two stories, two different movie screens, and 28 supercharging stations.

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At Investor Day, Tesla’s Senior Director for Charging Infrastructure Rebecca Tinucci said that part of the plan was to provide “really incredible charging experiences.” At that same time, the image you see above appeared on the screen. It shows a two-story building with old-school design vibes and a Tesla Diner sign in the corner.

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It’s worth noting that while any future diner and drive-in theater of this kind is certainly going to be Tesla-forward, last week’s development of adding magic dock adapters at Tesla charging stations could make these locations a destination for most EV brands. When will the first diner open? As was the case with almost everything else that was announced at Investor Day, no date was provided.

Interestingly, the diner wasn’t the only interesting part of that slide. On the right side, we see a Model S parked in a garage with what appears to be a wireless charging pad underneath it. Of course, nobody at Tesla mentioned such a device and there’s no other information on it. We can say one thing for sure though. The sooner these two things make it to the real world the better.

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