GRAND PITSTOP Tubeless Tyre Puncture Repair Kit for Motorcycle, Cars with Mushroom Plugs (15 Mushroom Plugs) (Gun Kit)

Price: £47.00
(as of May 26,2023 09:41:25 UTC – Details)

GrandPitstop’s Tubeless Tire Gun kit helps you to fix Tire puncture in less than a minute. Mushroom Plug Technology fused with modern-day tools gives you freedom to ride without any fear of having Flat Tire. This compact Tire Repair kit comes with 15 Mushroom-shaped rubber plugs and can be used for Motorcycles, Cars, ATV’s, Golf Cars, Lawnmowers, and small utility Tires with tubeless Tires only. With Tire Puncture Repair GUN KIT- flat Tire repair will be easy Fix Punctures in few minute!
No need to remove tire for fixing punctures. GrandPitstop’s Gun Puncture Repair Kit uses Automatic mechanism, which allows you to fix your Puncture without removing the wheels and without putting any extra efforts.
Permanent Solution to Puncture!
Forget the conventional sticky strips and switch to our Mushroom Plugs that provide a permanent solution to your Flat Tire. The head of the mushroom plug fixes the puncture from inside and the stem of the plug seals the line of puncture thus providing a permanent solution.
Better Than Conventional!
GrandPitstop’s Mushroom-shaped plugs provide the ultimate solution to all tubeless tire puncture. The mushroom plugs are made of a unique combination of rubber that does not wear out with time as compared to the conventional puncture strips.
Perfect Companion for Ride!
The whole kit comes with all the tools essential for fixing a puncture and it comes in premium finish carry pouch which makes it easier to Carry Anywhere. The net weight of the kit is less than 900gm and size that can easily fit in your palm. All these unique features make the GrandPitstop’s Gun Puncture kit – The Best Companion for all Rides!

DIY, Easy to use – no need for removing Tire. Use it instead of roadside assistance or installing a spare tire
This is a friendly designed product and mid-sized, which makes it portable for long journeys.
It seals the inner liner and fills the path of the injury – Better Technology
Better Sealing is provided as the Plugs act as rivets and grips the tire from inside