First G80 M3 CS Street Drive Review Video

Hey guyy! Griffin here. Thanks Emtoo for sharing this! Really appreciate that. And thanks all for the positive words. Wanted to mention we were thinking the same with the M4CSL, that maybe the reviews weren’t accurate or maybe this is a better sweet spot.

And per the M5CS, we have access to one and we will be doing a review shortly to determine their relationship. We’re thinking this is more track focused of course, but more curious about the steering comparison. As far as the shifts go, we didn’t mention but it has the adjustable shifting with the Drivelogic system but we didn’t care much to play with that since the other drive modes automatically set that. Also we were constantly short shifting under load because it’s in break in. That was the issue. No transmission loves that. Shifting under lower load or at higher rpm’s like you would want to is entirely different. Much faster and smoother. Also in comfort modes the auto shifting was smooth and ideal.

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