Fame Green Individual M4 Convertible


To begin: I’ve wanted a convertible BMW since around 2006. Two 3-series and a 4-series later I finally decided to pull the trigger. My local dealership had a white 440 convertible that I loved… except the sound system was base and sucked and didn’t have remote start. One upsell to myself after another, it began to look like an M4 would tick the boxes without compromise.

In 2021 I was approaching the individual order contacts with bmw and local dealerships to try to get a paint sample of my color to no avail. Factory only had one swatch and they weren’t giving it out. So after a year of debating build options, I pulled the trigger:

L38 Fame Green,
Full Silverstone (the debate against ivory was really hard without ever seeing the color)
Piano Black Interior
Laser Lights (NOT shadowline)
And NO exposed carbon.

My first dealership experience was a BUST. The sales person was a total asshat (but that’s a story for a different day).

Second dealership built it out on paper, priced it, and I eventually gave them the final thumbs up. This was around June 2022 – The estimate for a 2022 model year was approximately September, but they gave me the option to wait for a 2023 and I took it.

The waiting was BRUTAL. I had not ever seen the color, let along the interior, or any of the options that I chose that were a bit against the grain.

Eventually I found a gentleman in Germany who had the individual color, and then I found one in Vancouver, and another for sale in Germany, a Rolls Royce in Pasadena, another one in Bulgaria…. I had about 250 photos of the color from other cars (which I assume is the largest collection).

Along the wait, I found out about the Performance Center Delivery and asked my salesperson to schedule me in. I watched videos and knew what to expect. …

And waited and waited.

In December my car arrived in the states and whoa, the anticipation was horrible. No one could tell me if my car would be scheduled for pickup in December or January. It might sound minor but for someone who has “Vacation Days” at work that don’t roll over… it was frustrating.

January 9th was my performance center delivery and I have to say it was 90% awesome and definitely worth doing again!

– Hotel was mildewy
– Hotel food was “good” but the local food far exceded it
– The track experience felt a bit rushed and instructions were very unclear at times
– There were four points of damage/dissatisfaction on my vehicle at the time of delivery, and I felt that because of scheduling they were I equipped to help me.
(Moisture in lights, scratches on piano black near shifter, three small scratches on leather, and leather color and quality on glovebox seemed to not match the rest)
– after leaving the event late a truck near the plant kicked up a rock (and even at the largest following distance it still knicked the windshield; crushing my soul on top of the minor damages already on the vehicle)


So anyway, after the performance center on Monday I drove to see my closest sibling in PA and then back to Ohio. I had plotted the route with plenty of stops every 30 minutes to an hour and ready to do the break-in on the Friday that I got back in town.

Break-in was smooth, a bit underwhelming as far as the loaner went, but whatever it was better than having to wait half a day.


The car is here, it can be driven to the extremes, and the weather has been getting better and better.

After only 2 months I’ve had the top down nearly 3500 miles and up about 500. I’ve driven rain, snow, and the AWD holds well. The heat stays in fine with 30’F weather and the car performs great.

I will say that I love the car and would do it all over again in a heartbeat. But there are parts that I would definitely change.

I would document all the issues I had with the car at the performance center and be adamant that my salesperson/dealership advocate for fixes or resolution because for $100k+ and 6 months waiting, it really does feel like my concerns were pushed into the back burner which is super unfortunate.

Anyway I didn’t want to go super deep on any one topic unless someone had a question, but I wanted to share the general experience so you guys know what questions I’m open to answering.

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