Best Tire Dressing In 2023

Ugly brown tire sidewalls can really spoil your car’s appearance, so here is our pick of the best tire dressing to get them looking fresh.

Tire sidewalls are often forgotten about when it comes to cleaning your car. But it’s worth getting them looking nice as it really adds the finishing touch. A tire dressing will leave your sidewalls looking lovely and black, and it enhances the look of your car. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at our guide to dressing your tires. And if you’re not a fan of glossy tires, most products allow you to get a matt finish if you prefer. We’ve picked eight of the best tire dressings out there, and there’s something for everyone. And if you’re looking to learn more about detailing, check out our Ultimate Detailing Guide.

Best Tire Dressing In 2023

CarPlan Tire Slik

CarPlan tire dressing

Tire Slik is a great product that is quick and easy to use. Simply spray it on, and that’s it, you’re done. The spray can makes application relatively accurate, though there is always some overspray. The super-flow valve allows you to spray upside down, which makes application easier still. The resulting gloss is nice and not overwhelming, while durability is good. Unfortunately, a recent price increase means it’s no longer the bargain it once was. Still a good choice of dressing, especially considering how quick and easy it is to apply.

Size: 500ml

Meguiar’s Endurance Tire Gel

Meguiar's tire dressing

A tire dressing that pretty much everyone who’s into detailing is familiar with. It delivers the perfect level of gloss, and it lasts a long time, too, resisting washing and rain. Application is a little messy, as is often the case with gel products. Make sure you use gloves, as it’s almost impossible to wash off your hands. And use a dedicated applicator to make the job easier and neater. It needs a little time to dry, but the results are worth it. It’s an excellent go-to dressing for many of us, and with good reason.

Size: 473ml

Autoglym Instant Tire Dressing

Autoglym tire dressing

Not Autoglym’s longest-lasting dressing (that’s High Performance Tire Gel), but its easiest to use, which is why we love it. Spray dressings are always super-convenient, but Instant Tire Dressing goes one better. Where most products require your tires to be dry before application, this one doesn’t. That means you don’t have to wait around for your rubber to dry after washing your car or spend time drying it off. Just spray on, wipe off any overspray, and that’s it. If you’re not a fan of shiny tires, you can wipe off the excess for a matte finish. A great dressing that’s super easy to use and gives great results.

Size: 500ml

Auto Finesse Gloss

While Auto Finesse also offers Matt tire dressing, Gloss is our choice. The shine you get is stunning, and your tires will look the best they ever have done. We also like that you can use two application methods. You can either simply spray it on and leave it to do its thing if you’re in a rush. Or, you can spray it onto an applicator and wipe it onto the sidewall for a neater finish. This is an excellent dressing that’s perfect if you love glossy tires.

Size: 250ml, 500ml

Gtechniq T1 Durable Tire Gel

It’s not cheap, but Gtechniq products always perform well, and this is no exception. As its name implies, T1 has been designed to be durable, and it really performs well. It goes on easily with an applicator, initially delivering a satin finish. For more gloss, you can add a second coating after 10 minutes. We like products that allow you to choose your finish, so that’s a bonus. The non-sling formula means that once it’s been applied, it’s sticking to your tires, not flying off onto your bodywork. It’s not cheap, but it’s a very strong performer.

Size: 250ml, 500ml 1 litre

Dodo Juice Dark Matter

Dodo Juice’s offering is an excellent multi-purpose dressing. Value for money counts for a lot, and having one product with multiple uses is always a bonus. Dark Matter can happily be applied to any black surface, whether it’s rubber, plastic or even metal. You can buff it to a dry finish, which means no sling and no streaking/ And unlike silicone dressings, it won’t attract dust. It’s not the longest-lasting dressing, but its ease of application and versatility make up for that. Dark Matter is an excellent all-round product.

Size: 500ml

Simoniz Back to Black Tire & Trim

Another two-in-one product, this offering from Simoniz is really rather good. The spray can means super quick and easy application, so that’s a good start. It instantly adds a lovely gloss finish, but you can layer it for an even deeper gloss. It last really well, too, and considering how reasonably priced it is, that’s another bonus. And on top of all that, you can use it to restore the black trim on your car too. A versatile tire and trim dressing that’s great value for money.

Size: 500ml

King Of Sheen Eco Tire Shine

You might not have heard of King of Sheen, but its tire dressing is well worth a look. This water-based spray smells nice and performs even better. It leaves you with a high-gloss, non-greasy finish that looks fantastic. Durability isn’t up there with the best, but it’s still decent. It’s well-priced, though, and comes with an applicator, which is a nice touch and makes it easier to use. A good value offering that delivers instant impressive results.

Size: 500ml

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