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All New Redesigned BMW X4

bmw x4

As one of the most advanced and efficient automakers on the planet, BMW never passes up an opportunity to take its vehicles to the next level. This commitment to innovation and improvement is on display with the redesigned X4. Long celebrated for its sleek, sporty appearance and smooth handling, this sport activity coupe now has a wider stance, improved aerodynamics, and an interior outfitted with the latest navigation and entertainment tech. With these enhancements, drivers can count on the coupe to carry them in comfort and style, no matter where they go. Take a look at all the X4 has to offer, including:

A Bolstered Body

One of the first things you’ll notice about the new X4 is its new stance. Compared to the previous coupe, it is wider and has a lower center of gravity. This provides for a smoother and sportier ride, allowing the vehicle to gracefully weave in and out of traffic at top speeds.

Besides lowering the center of gravity, BMW has given the new X4 aerodynamic lines, improving both form and function. Extending from the rear spoiler all the way to the air inlets, these lines make the vehicle more aerodynamic. This saves gas while improving acceleration, laying the foundation for a swift and sustainable ride.

A Sportier Aesthetic

BMW prides itself on the stunning appearance of its vehicles, and the new X4 is no exception. With a chrome double kidney grille, the coupe immediately catches the eye and attention of all others on the road. Likewise, its wheel housings have a flared, muscular look, exerting an air of prominence and power. Combined with the bright headlines, this car is hard to miss, even while barely taking up space.

An Enhanced Interior

The interior of the X4 is every bit as stunning as the exterior, with plush multicolor seating, an expanded Head-Up Display, and omnipresent chrome inserts. The coupe comes with a range of other features for convenience and comfort, including:

  • Touchscreen Touch-ups- The X4 has an iDrive 6.0 touchscreen, allowing you to view all navigation and entertainment information clearly and easily.
  • Advanced Navigation- With the BMW Navigation as a standard feature, the new coupe ensures that no matter where you are, you’ll always know where to go.
  • Integrated Infotainment- The vehicle comes with Apple CarPlay and a variety of other integrations, so you can get all your favorite news and music from any location.

If these features seem advanced, just wait ’til you see the X4’s cutting-edge engine! With the xDriveM40d I6 turbo engine, the coupe can achieve 309 horsepower and 465 pounds per foot of torque. Combined with its aerodynamic design, this gives you the freedom to achieve virtually any speed with ease and efficiency.

bmw x4 rear

BMW of Freeport offers all the latest vehicles in the BMW line, serving customers all over the Tri-State area. For more information on the redesigned X4 and everything else we have to offer, visit our website today.

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