A Change In The Field Of Rental-Cars Lies Ahead – Baron CarSharing & Rental Cars AG

A Change In The Field Of Rental-Cars Lies Ahead – Baron CarSharing & Rental Cars AG

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A couple of weeks ago we gave you some obvious reasons, why renting a luxury vehicle in some cases might seem more reasonable than purchasing one. In order to keep you updated about the options you have in this field, we made some intense researches to find the most fitting company for your car-rental desires! Doing so one particular start-up company caught our attention and their concept convinced us to share their impressive and unique services with our fans.
We ourselves think this is highly interesting news for anybody who desires to rent the most exclusive vehicles for a long-term period in Germany & Europe. Thus, this article is not one out of thousands reviewing the latest automobiles, but rather a small essay about a company that might change the market for vehicle leasing internationally.
But, first things first! What is Baron Cars exactly?
Well, the three entrepreneurs are automotive enthusiasts themselves and based on their experiences in the fields of luxury vehicle sales, insurance as well as truck rental, they soon spotted a market niche. Thus, Baron Cars is a highly expanding company that specializes in the manufacturer-independent long-term rental of high-class vehicles. Rental periods from 6-24 months!
Based in Munich, Germany – but having stations all over Europe – they experienced that many people who desire to drive sports cars, high-class SUVs or the most luxurious limousines are not always willing to pay the massive amount of money for purchasing one. As we know it does not stop there but owning a sports cars, for example, goes along with highly expensive maintenance costs as well as high fuel consumption. No wonder the one or the other prefers to rent a luxury vehicle rather than owning one.

Baron CarSharing Luxury Car Rentals

What do they offer exactly?

Baron Cars created two interesting concepts giving customers peace of mind on and off the road.
(   1)   Long-term car rental of high-class luxury vehicles – Baron Cars´ long-term rental program has a minimum contract period of 6 months only and thus provides highest flexibility! All models are always freshly produced and configured according to your individual ideas. You can rent a fully equipped Porsche, lease a Mercedes-AMG with extra horsepower or choose a Lamborghini designed according to your wishes. Furthermore, they take care of the most important concerns, as assurance, vehicle tax, servicing, etc.
(   2)   Club CarSharing Program – Or we call it the “Enjoy-the-most-adventures-time-with-your-friends-program”. With a defined group of persons (3-6 persons), you can freely lease an exclusive pool of luxury vehicles. This means that you can always change the vehicle every 2-4 months (depending on the group of people).
In our opinion, the two concepts are incredibly helpful for a lot of problems people might face in daily life, but we will come back to that later on! Now we want to take a look at the fleet that comes along with these problem-solving concepts.

Long term luxury car rental Europe

Baron Cars did not save any efforts to provide their clients with the best of the best! Various models of Mercedes-AMG, Land Rover and Porsche enjoy the highest reputation in the world of automotive industry and are a really good basis for their portfolio already! But throwing an eye on the other brands Baron Cars provides for long-term rental, they may look just like ordinary cars.
Aston Martin – the British non-plus-ultra luxury brand and deeply connected with the always-cool 007 agent can be found on their website in three different variants. Bentley – the official supplier to court for the British royal family gives Baron Cars the possibility to provide you with highest standard possible. And last but not least Lamborghini & Ferrari – the two untouched super sports car brands in the world. Nothing left to say!
Who might benefit from their concept?

As we think of it the list of car lovers appreciating their rental program becomes longer and longer. First of all, the flexibility as well as the professional service provide the opportunity to change the vehicle every 6 months and thus, always enjoying the latest state of art technology possible. At the same time, you do not have to take care of troublesome issues like registration, taxes, insurance or maintenance. Once you have decided to lease a vehicle from Baron Cars the team will do anything to make your life as easy as possible!
Second, does any company exist, which does know what will happen in two long years? We certainly do not think so! The dynamical business environment is changing faster than any time before in human history. But not only exterior circumstances might influence the economic performance of a company, but internal structural changes do also. As we see, there are a lot of sources why it is impossible to be sure, what the future will bring. But nevertheless, some companies want to reward their managers if times are running well. And that is another reason, why we think the flexible service of Baron Cars is beneficial to a lot of people. Renting a luxury vehicle for 6 months only gives you the possibility to avoid the typically long 24 months leasing contracts you will find most of the time on the market.

Car Sharing Concept

Third, people going to Germany (or Europe) for business as well as for travel reason, might stay for a couple of months – or even a year. Purchasing a luxury vehicle for that relatively short amount of time might seem a bit troublesome. But relying on the public transport services? Absolutely no way! Also, here Baron Cars provides a good opportunity for foreigners to have a quick and easy start in Europe. Just get in touch with the team of Baron Cars, tell them what you wish and they will do the rest for you – literally anything that has to do with the car-rental!
These are only a few examples, why we think their concept has a lot of potentials and is worth sharing it here on our blog.
How does it work?

There is actually nothing easier than that! On their website ( one can get a well-structured overview of the provided vehicle models as well as the prices and services. Once you are convinced – and we think you will definitely be – you just contact them via E-Mail or their integrated price inquiry. As soon as this is done, they will get in contact with you and ask for your preferences. The friendly and competent team of Baron Cars assures to make anything to serve your automotive desire. And that is it. Your blood will start boiling due to the vibrating motors and high level of comfort before you can get impatient.
How to contact them?

Baron CarSharing & Rental Cars AG really is trying to ease your circumstances – on any ride. If you are interested in getting your ever-dreamed-of-car or a luxury vehicle for business appointments, etc. they can be reached via Email or their website´s price inquiry. You just have to hit them a message with all the required details – that´s all. Below you will find their contact details.
Instagram: @baroncars
Locations in: Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Munich, London, Marbella and Paris.
As we really enjoyed talking to these guys and are convinced by their concept as well as the brand portfolio, we are more than optimistic that this company just started growing! We have heard rumours that they will open a new subsidiary in Scandinavia soon and more plans for an expansion sure are already in work.
Furthermore, we believe that anybody renting his or her luxury vehicle at Baron Cars – does not matter whether you intend to lease a sports car, an SUV or a luxury sedan – one will definitely be satisfied with the service provided!

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