2018 Range Rover Sport SVR | Specifications, Price, New Features

2018 Range Rover Sport SVR | Specifications, Price, New Features

Range Rover SVR Review


The Range Rover Sport SVR is a British luxury mid-size SUV manufactured by Land Rover. The first one was introduced back in 2014 at Pebble Beach. The term SVR refers to Special Vehicle Racing, in other words, an SUV made for racing. 

The Range Rover Sport SVR is the fastest SUV ever built by the British auto manufacturer. Apart from being super agile on track, the SVR is also the world’s most capable performance SUV. Luxury and performance are on a new level in the new SVR. 

This luxurious SUV packs some serious power. Be it on the track or off-road, the Range Rover Sport SVR drives like no other Land Rover vehicles. It was built to be tough. No matter what the terrain is, the SVR handles it like a boss. There are several new features in the 2018 Sport SVR as well as a boost in horsepower.

Range Rover Sport SVR Specs


Range Rover Sport SVR Top Speed

The design of the new Range Rover Sport SVR is mostly the same as the previous SVR. The only obvious difference is the carbon-fibre hood. Even though it is an expensive option on the new SVR, still it is a new addition. Personally, I think the new hood looks very beautiful, giving the car an angrier personality. The new hood is called Gloss Black Carbon-Fibre, a new synonym for expensive yet useless option but we still love it. There is maximum air-flow for the engine, thanks to the integrated air vents in the carbon-fibre hood. The SVR also gets new side fender vents in Narvik Black (another one again). The SUV features updated headlights, known as Premium LED headlights and distinct signature Daytime Running Lights. The new headlights compliment the menacing look of the Range Rover Sport SVR.

The new Range Rover Sport SVR has 21-inch split-spoke alloy wheels, finished in Satin Polish as standard. If you turn out to be a fan of huge wheels, then Land Rover got your back. You can upgrade the wheels to optional 22-inch split-spoke finished in either Gloss Black or Satin Polish. These wheels are wrapped in all seasons tires to give you the freedom to take your SVR wherever you desire. The new wheels are believed to be lightweight as well, thus providing increased performance. 

There has been a huge improvement in the chassis of the SUV. The suspension has been reinvented, making it better than the previous version (of course). The steering system has improved by a huge margin now. We all know no matter what the price, the steering of a Range Rover was always a huge debate but not anymore. The new steering system favours precision control and is keen to offer you a driving experience made in heaven.

Range Rover Sport SVR weight

While complimenting the new Range Rover Sport SVR, one thing that must not be forgotten is the exhilarated exhaust note. The SUV has an active exhaust system that basically has a two-stage active exhaust that produces an amazing sound with electronically controlled valves. The glorious exhaust is further enhanced with a standard SVR exclusive integrated quad-tailpipes. The Range Rover Sport SVR is also among the best sounding SUV on the market currently. 

Entering the Range Rover Sport SVR, you are completely drenched in ultimate luxury. The SUV comes with SVR performance seats that are sure to keep you in place in any situation as well as making you comfortable. The new lightweight seats of Windsor leather are heated and cooling is available as options. There comes in four colour combinations and cut diamond perforation pattern. The back seats are the same as the front ones, there is plenty of legroom and you feel at ease back there. These seats are actually very relaxing and enjoyable, even on long journeys. 

The SVR also has a new steering wheel design. The exclusive steering wheel is finished in Satin Brushed Aluminium, Grand Black or Gloss Carbon-Fibre. The automobile also features the new double screens infotainment and climate controls. There have been some problems with the screens in the past and we really wish Land Rover finally fixed it but at that moment, nothing can be said on the screens as we have not yet reviewed it.

Range Rover Sport SVR interior

The Range Rover Sport SVR has a gross weight of 6614 lbs (3000 kgs). Land Rover has used a lot of weight saving techniques on the car and compared to other luxury SUV, this one is very light.


What made the Range Rover Sport SVR get the fastest SUV tag is hiding under the massive hood. The car seems underrated on papers. In real life, the SVR feels much faster. So let’s talk what is under the stylish yet functional bonnet. 

The SVR gets its power from the 5.0L supercharged V8 engine. The massive engine makes a good 575 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque. This is enough to skyrocket from 0 to 60 mph in 4.3s, which is very impressive for an SUV. The Range Rover Sport SVR will reach a top speed of 176 mph ( 283 km/h).

The SVR uses an eight-speed automatic transmission to deliver the enormous power. The response is undeniably quick and smooth.

Range Rover Sport SVR 0-60 mph

Being a Land Rover property, the main quality that a car must have is off-roading capabilities. Once again, the SVR tops the list. The car has one of the most advanced off-road technologies. The SUV is equally capable on track and off-road. 

The manufacturer has not yet issued the fuel consumption for the SUV. (This will be updated once the figures are obtained).

Update: The 2018 Range Rover Sport SVR has a fuel consumption of 14 miles per gallon in the city and 19 miles per gallon on the highway.


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Well, the time when SUV was affordable is long gone now. The Range Rover Sport SVR has a starting MSRP of $113,600. With options, it can go past $150,000 easily. Considering the power, luxury and handling capabilities of the car, it is worth the price. Especially, if you will be using it only for a year or less, you will not lose a lot of your hard earned penny on this one.

Currently, if you are interested in getting one, you can build yours on their website to get an overview of the cost and options or you can directly order yours at any Range Rover dealership near you.

Range Rover Sport SVR Price

As we all know, the SUV market is expanding very fast nowadays. People feel that SUV are better than sedans and pickups. Especially luxury and performance SUV. In an SUV, you get the comfort of luxury sedans with the performance of sports cars alongside off-road capabilities of pickups. Instead of buying three different types of vehicles to get all these, you simply have to buy an SUV. These vehicles are getting better day by day, more luxury, technology, performance and off-roading skills.

The Range Rover Sport SVR excels in every aspect and it will be a success just like the previous version. Range Rover reliability is debatable but still, if you will be using the vehicle for only a year or two, this should not be a problem.

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